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We were very impressed and spent wonderful moments in a pleasant atmosphere at a wedding we attended as godparents, due to the beauty and endowment of the events hall and the comfort of the room we were staying in.

Claudia Muresan – 2013-09-14

With great pleasure I would like to thank Mrs. Eva Sranko, Mr. Sranko and the staff for organizing the dream wedding for Alexandra and showed us once again that they are a team of professionals who coordinate everything rigorously. I wholeheartedly recommend the wonderful team and the Castle Inn for any important events in our lives. Both me and those attending the event were impressed by the great elegance, beauty, quality, accuracy in word perfection of the event. Many thanks for your effort!

Iulia Crâşmar – 2013-08-21

Beauty and quality is all I can say.

Andrei Bucur – 2013-06-26

Dreamy atmosphere, with a warm and a wonderful view, high reliability and a organization, you can find it only at the beautiful Castle Inn in Simleu Silvaniei. Congratulations to all the achievements of Mr. SRANKO, Mrs. EVA and staff, with great respect!

Iulia – 2013-06-13

A warm atmosphere, welcoming, lovely staff, a special hall. Looking forward to going back. Congratulations to all and good luck in business.

Florin Daniel Tufenu – 2012-10-30

A special establishment, a remarkable manager, a dreamy atmosphere, an oasis of happiness, everything is perfect…

Popoviciu Alin – 2012-05-29

It was wonderful, beautiful, amazing. And there are few words of praise. Thank you so much for everything. Good luck!!

Ciordas Mihaela Sonia si Dan – 2012-05-27

Thank you for organizing a dream wedding with music and a very nice and pleasant environment, in addition to the great service you offer and hope you always have the same success that you have in this moment. I recommend this place in the heart of Simleu Silvaniei, that offers all the services that you need to organize a wedding or a baptism, etc.. Thank you so very much for having us as your guests.

Ana si Federico – 2012-05-09

We wish to thank all the staff and especially the owner for the services rendered. We had a wonderful wedding and that is due to the quality and accuracy of the staff at Castle Inn. Nicoleta si Florin Sabou 28.04.2012

Nicoleta si Florin Sabou – 2012-05-04

Thanks to all employees at the Castle Inn especially Dl.Sranko, the owner, who demonstrated great organizational skills and high fairness. All the services were firsthand. We recommend it if you wish organize your wedding or other events in this place. Thank you. Nicoleta si Florin Sabou 28.04.2012

Nicoleta si Florin Sabou – 2012-05-01

The best place, the best service, the best food, maximum reliability, and not least the party master, Mr. Sranko.

Adrian – 2012-03-16

Köszönjük az egyedi, megható, vicces pillanatokat és a csodálatos képeket!

Kriszta és Baly – 2011-08-10

It was wonderful. Thank you so much for everything.

Manuela si Mihai – 2011-05-29

It was awesome. Thank you.

Mircea si Maria – 2011-05-29

Koszonjuk az alomeskuvot es kulon Orsinak a gyonyoru fotokat!

Tomi es Szilvi Kiss – 2011-05-29

Super cool!

Norbert – 2011-05-29

Dreamy, put yourself in the hands on the master Sranko. Your wedding and you will have nothing to lose…. !!!

Ghilea Adrian – 2011-05-29

Nagyon szepen koszonunk mindent a Kastelyszallo minden egyes dolgozojanak gyonyoru es nagyon finom volt minden.

Ildiko es Zsolt – 2010-01-03

Thank you for everything. It was way cool.

Ignat Nicoara – 2009-06-16

Koszonjuk szepen, minden tokeletes volt, hibatlan es nagyon szep. Minden elismeresunk csak igy tovabb!!!!!

Noldi & Orsi – 2009-06-10

Thanks for everything Mr. Sranko .

Adi Ghilea – 2009-04-21

Thanks to the Castle Inn for everything. The accommodation and service was impeccable. We strongly recommend this location for family accommodation.

Nemes – 2009-04-04

Thank you Mr. Sranko for opening in our town a restaurant, actually a castle. It’s a dream, as was our wedding on September 26, 2009. Thank you again for giving us the castle, where we enjoyed such happiness. I recommend it to everyone who wants to organize their wedding!!!! Even in the big cities, we have not seen services, believe me. Everything was super. A very stylish and awesome establishment. Thank you again. Malita Diana si Mircea Oradea.(ex Bene)

Malita Diana – 2009-01-11

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